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Marina graduated from Leopoldo Marechal School of Music (Argentina) where she got a diploma as a Piano Professor specialized in Argentinian Tango.


She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Dalcroze Rhythmics from UNA (National University Arts – Argentina), course validated by the prestigious Institute Jaques-Dalcroze of Switzerland.


She obtained the Solfege and Piano Improvisation certificates from the Institute for Jack Dalcroze-Education, Bethlehem PA, USA.

She is graduated of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce.


She has also studied with some prestigious professors such as Nora Sarmoria (piano) Abel Rogantini (jazz), Hernán Possetti, (tango), Inés Sabatini (classical piano) and Diego Taranto (composition).



Marina  has a prolific career as a pianist, music arranger and composer. She has recorded four albums "Demasiada agua" (2013), "Azul Final" (2017),"Vida y muerte de una flor" (2020) and “La Era de los Elefantes” (2022) which include most of her musical pieces.

These albums have received excellent reviews in the National Press and the Media.

Her second álbum, “Azul Final” won the third National music prize, awarded by The Ministry of Culture of the Nation (Argentina).

 As An Educator:

At the same time, she is a prolific musical arrenger and pianist in the musical activity on Buenos Aires. As an Eductaror, After competitive contests and audition processes, Marina has been hired as a Professor at the following institutions: Universidad Nacional de las Artes- (Rítmica Musical chair); Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla (Piano armónico chair, Piano tango and folk); Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (Piano armónico chair). Marina also gives Dalcroze Rhythmics workshops on several institutions in her musical tours.

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